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from alabama, we're expecting to hear mitt romney first, rick santorum second, newt gingrich. we are hearing for mississippi, one, mitt romney, 80, newt gingrich, third, rick santorum. they love the fact that they are competitive in the south. with these results, they have answered the question of whether or results they have into the questions of whether they can persuade conservatives whether the south is so different from the rest of the united states that they will have trouble there. they argued this is a good sign of the muddle of argument. the south is looking a little bit like the rest of the country. romney is off the will road for two days, but the next time we see him, if you are the green bay packers, you do not just feel confident, you act confident, and we will see romney looking like an nominee. they think that is where he is headed. they expect an uphill race against president obama. they are under no illusions, and they say they cannot wait. they think after getting the nominee, it will help him become a nominee. the more he focuses on obama, the more it marginal
second and third. it of the [unintelligible] important for romney to do well. it to do more important for santorum to do well. ohio and tennessee are the game. but santorum liz's ohio, he has to win tennessee. if met ronnie went ohio and tennessee, -- if mitt romney it wins ohio and tennessee, there is a perception that it is over. what is new to bring their each region what is the newt gingrich argument that >? >> today might not be as big as some previous super tuesday. it is huge in deciding who is the republican nominee. we will have a much clearer portrait tomorrow morning at the state of this race. i think we're going to have a clear indication whether we're talking about three more weeks or three more months. >> that is right. >> it is not aid o'clock p.m. eastern. we say eastern because this is being broadcast on c-span. it is an important hour. we're seeing polls closing in massachusetts. half of tennessee is now resolved. the rest is still resolving. romney has been declared the winner in massachusetts. we want to welcome our audience from coast to coast. >> s uper pac tuesd
>> earlier in the politico live stream coverage we were talking about the romney strategy on the road ahead, they'rethey areo think rick santorum is on a fault error. 78785 server or more. some need 75% or more. is there still that x factor? >> if rick wins, that would give him something to appeal to keep going. romney can not put enough wins together to make it stop caring about rick santorum. you have to give rick santorum credit. he is unable to hang tough. they traded back -- he was able to hang tough. they have traded back and forth. rick santorum is here for a while. >> craig gordon, tell us something that is about to pop up on the site that is not on the site yet. >> i am not kidding when i say i am hoping we're going to get results very soon after 8:00. mitt romney has a story teed up. he has the story ready to go. >> you will get your ears on. we're talking to one of our white house reporters. i think you have a question for dodge. i will relay it to him. >> there was a your asking about foreign policy being a bigger issue in the campaign. we were talking about th
-- at least on the republican candidates i'd. >> as an adviser to governor romney, i think he has done an excellent job. [laughter] now, in fact, he has laid out a comprehensive, by far the most comprehensive approach to foreign policy. perrylawn white paper, given a big speech on the subject -- very long white paper, given a big speech on the subject. as is the nature of most primary campaigns, it has not been the topic du jour. you do not get a chance to lay out your vision of foreign policy when you are debating contraception and all the other important topics they are debating. the better time to ask this question will be in the general election, because then i think there will be a discussion about american foreign policy. i think there has been room for criticism of the obama administration. i know that one of the major approaches of governor romney, for instance, is that for quite some time in various parts of the world, president obama has not been great with a number of our allies. he is now, by the way, scrambling to repair that image. is meeting with david cameron is intende
to all of the participants. >> lol the primary as today. mitt romney finished first. he spoke to supporters in illinois. after him, we will hear from rick santorum. [applause] >> wow. thank you, an illinois. thank you so much. tomorrow is our anniversary. we will have been married 43 years. have 3 -- happy anniversary, sweetheart. a very big thank you. we have had a great state chairman for our effort here. he was as well four years ago. we appreciate him. we all send our prayers to sent to mark kirk. we also have a congressman in the audience. right back there. congressman -- a diverse woman to be bigger. -- tadros moment judy biggert. i forgot congressman dan bold. bob dold -- bob dole. [laughter] our entire state of illinois delegates and you know what i have to do, i have to thank our friends in puerto rico. [applause] we were treated so warmly, so graciously, so loving. i t was a great experience for us. thank you so much. thank you, everybody. there were so many that help us there, especially the delegates and volunteers and the people of puerto rico for their support. t
's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. [cheers and applause] the fact is in both states the conservative candidates got nearly 70% of the vote. if you are the front-runner and you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front-runner. [cheers and applause] frankly, i do not believe that a massachusetts moderate who created romney care as the forerunner of obamacare is going to be in a position to win any debates this fall. that is part of the reason i have insisted on staying in the race. we need somebody who can go toe to toe with barack obama and debate him and when debates decisively. [cheers and applause] --debate him and win debates decisively. i will always remember campaigning in alabama because it was here in the last week that the issue of gasoline was crystallized. we have not always gotten our message across in terms of getting as many votes as we would like, we clearly were changing the national dialogue all week. the president has now made three speeches and press conference on energy, the white house press secretary has attack
" this is 45 minutes. host: fred barnes, when mitt romney woke up wednesday, did he feel he had a successful super tuesday? guest: sure he did. he won a lot more delegates. he pulled further ahead of rick santorum and newt gingrich in delegates. i do not mean to diminish the success that rick santorum had, but certainly when in tennessee, oklahoma, and to the surprise of everyone, he won in north dakota. i think it helped romney, but it also solidified that rick santorum is the real challenger. host: in look at the current field for republicans still in, which is the strength and weakness of this field? guest: there is still a great deal of yearning among conservatives for someone else to get in the race. i think the chances are slim. one of the problems with mitt romney is everyone says he is a week from runner. usually, by this time, the party with a unified behind him. mitt romney has not been able to do that, partly because of the way the primaries were set up this year, to deny winner- takes-all in the early primaries. i think there is still residue of doubt about him from the 2008 race
health-care system when i was governor, but governor romney did, and now we find out this week, not only he passed it in massachusetts, he advocated for it to be passed in washington, d.c., in the middle of the debate on health care. [crowd boos] it is one thing to have a government-run top-down health care system that you impose, it is another thing to encourage the president to impose the same thing on the american people, and it is another thing yet to go out and tell the american people that you did not do it. we need a person running against president obama who is right on the issues and toward fall with the american public. -- truthful with the american public. [cheers and applause] this raise provides a great -- this race provides a great opportunity for great contrast. big things have to happen in this country to bring us back from the brink of insolvency. big things that to happen so we can secure our freedom, and as i talked about this morning that we have a president that stands with our allies and defends this country and does not apologize for america around the world. [chee
romney has received the endorsement of former president george h. w. bush. the two men left -- met last december in houston earlier this month, former florida governor jeb bush also endorsed mr. runyan. this meeting was held in president bush paused office in houston, texas. >> thank you all very much for coming and barbara and i are very proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend mitt romney. he is a good man. he will make a great president. we wish him well so we are delighted he is here. do you want to add anything? >> [inaudible] >> i think it is time for a party to get behind a ann romney pamitt romney. he has waged a good fight. we have been convinced a long time that he is the man to do this job and get on and win the presidency. that is about it. with no further ado, here is the man. >> thank you, mr. president, it is an honor to be in your office in the cabinet-style chairs bags academic this is the jury sat in as president? >> i had to buy the mall. -- buy them all. [inaudible] wife was going to [inaudible] >> in terms of beloved first ladies, i thi
borrowing. >> c-span, created by americans cable company as a public service. >> romney finished first among the republican candidates. he spoke to reporters and schaumburg and illinois. wow. thank you, an illinois. thank you so much. tomorrow is our anniversary. we will have been married 43 years so happy anniversary, sweetheart. a very big special for dan who was out here. we appreciate him. we spoke with him and we send our purrs. congressman -- woman biggers. he flew around with dan rutherford. and don bold. delegates. another thank you. i have to tonight because i did not get the chance to do this properly, i have to think our friends in puerto rico. we were treated so warmly, graciously, so loving. it was a great experience for us. thank you so much. his first lady, we love her. our committee woman and jose fuentes and all elected leaders. especially the delegates and volunteers for their support. thank you, puerto rico. now i get to see what is in my heart. we have been in a lot of states. we have gone through every part of this country and i am so moved by the people of this country
endorsed mitt romney today. we will have that honor schedule later. -- that one our schedule later. >> they talk about south korean security. the assistant business and financial editor gretchen morgeson looks at the overview of fannie and freddie. they discuss the first relief of records and surveys from the 1940 u.s. census after the expiration of the confidentiality clause. on c-ington journal" live a span. >> and paul ryan defended his budget bill at an event hosted by the "national journal." he also spoke about defense spending in changes to the medicare program. the house passed the plan after these remarks, which are about 30 minutes. >> i want to be very brief so we can get to the questions. i will go through the lay of the land with respect to the process. the budget law says the president must propose a budget. the president has followed that proposing a budget. we take issue with his budget. it is not addressed the drive as of our debt. there was a vote last night and i got 414 to 0. it was an attempt to try to show that there's not a lot of support for putting a budget
romney. it is hard to get serious momentum here. i have serious doubts about that. i think this will start to wear on santorum's numbers as well. they will have to mend fences within their own party. we are talking about a lot of competitive states. we go from county delegates to vote -- counting delegates to count electoral college votes. when we do that is when it starts to focus on the ballots. host: what if all of your candidates stay in until the end? guest: i think that you will see some of the smart money on the republican side start to focus a little bit more on the senate races, because the senate majority is at stake. and they will let the presidential work itself out. host: so they will focus more their money on these candidates? guest: right. if this race goes on until september, they can direct more resources to senate and house races. they will operate on their own until they have a ticket. host: if it's romney against santorum, does that change the dynamic? guest: i don't know. rick santorum has had problems throughout the process. if there is financial resou
, because it was their idea. and of course, there's the issue of mitt romney, who passed romneycare in massachusetts, which is exactly the same high -- health care model we passed a few months ago. there's no question that this is the same one that president obama pass at the federal level. four years ago, mitt romney been called a law he signed in massachusetts a model for the rest of the country. he wrote an op-ed in july, 2009 while the health-care debate was raging calling on the president to follow the example he set with his law in massachusetts. and then the president when he was proposing is planned said he was basing it on mitt romney's idf in massachusetts. now that the mandate is unpopular with conservatives, romney is trying to dispel what he did in massachusetts. mitt romney can run, but he cannot hide. no matter what he tries to say now, he is a walking and talking amicus free in favor of the obamacare law. he should just admit that it was planned all along. if mitt romney is the nominee, in effect, health care will be off the table as an issue. with that of mine going
santorum in willoughby, ohio, and we will also cover mitt romney in cleveland this evening on 7:00 p.m. on c-span 3, including remarks by his wife and new jersey governor chris christie. >> rick santorum delivered a full throated defense of religion in public life sunday, appealing to social conservatives to revive his presence of campaign. all the talk shows this weekend and speeches, mr. centorbi responded to comments made by president john f. kennedy. >> i believe in an american with the separation of church and state is absent. where no catholic -- would tell the president, should be catholic, how to act, and no protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote. renault church or a church school is granted and the public funds or political preference and where no man is denied public office nearly because his religion differs from the president might appoint you or the people who might connected. >> you can watch more of president kennedy policy speech on our website on our video library, go to and you confined in our archives. >> president obama spoke a
of policies. >> to romney advisers? >> which ones? >> let's go to the audience. >> we have some in the front, please. >> good morning. watching the house floor yesterday, you heard the buzz word about ending medicare as we know it. how do we educate the public that the real drivers of the debt are not foreign aid but big screen entitlement? >> i have this chart that cbo put up that shows how three programs, medicare, medicaid, social security eventually consume 100% of revenues. uther interest on top ridgy you a thrill interest on top, at -- you throw interest on top, and it goes up. but parties made a lot of promises that the government cannot keep. promises are being made to today's americans and the government is shy of covering. the sooner we acknowledge that, the better off we will be. this is what we are proposing. the two words you hear are open good balance -- are "balance" and "end medicare as we know it." for people who are younger, 54 and below, convert to a system of support much like the commission recommended, which is you get a list of guaranteed jobs that are guaranteed. he c
with the gop candidate rick santorum in ohio. we will also be covering mitt romney and cleveland. the event is scheduled to include remarks by his wife and new jersey gov. christie. >> even a person who is a senator. even a person now who is president faces a predicament when they talk about race. they face the fact that there are many people who are racially prejudiced. they face the fact that a much larger portion of the american populace with like to deny the reality of race even now. >> sunday, a harvard law professor and former clerk to thurgood marshall randall kennedy on race, politics, and the obama administration. >> president obama spoke at several fund-raising of fans in new york city including his 100th of the campaign season. once thought was that the abc kitchen restaurant for a half- hour speech. >> hello, new york. it is glad to b-- it is good to be back here. the event coaches. thank you. we have a couple of elected officials here. i want to thank all of the talent who participated. ben folds, the roots. malia is a big "parks and recreation standpoint -- "parks and recreati
will also be covering mitt romney in cleveland tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. on c-span3. that is scheduled to include remarks from his wife, anne, and lieutenant governor chris christie. >> ben bernanke called on congress to avoid tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in 2013. he testified before the senate banking committee, and the prospects for the u.s. economy and monetary policy. this is an hour and 45 minutes. >> i call this hearing to order. today i welcome chairman bernanke back to this committee to deserve the semiannual monetary report to congress. there is reason to be optimistic about our nation's economic recovery. the economy has expanded for 10 straight quarters and private sector employment has increased for 23 straight months. private employers added 2.1 million jobs last year, the most since 2005. there are also reasons to be concerned. the european debt crisis and the continuing track of the housing market on the broader economy. this committee has paid close attention to these issues and held numerous hearings. while i remain hopeful that we are moving in t
. >> is not only an advisor to the romney campaign but also served on secretary of state clinton's advisory board. >> there is a lot of broad consensus. what you're saying is the consensus in the foreign policy. there is a lot of overlap between the two policy. it is sunday night at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> rick santorum delivered a full defense of religion. he appealed to the social conservatives and revised his presidential campaign. he responded to comments by president john f. kennedy. >> the separation of church and state is absolute. knowing to tell the president should he be catholic or how to act. no one would tell them for him to vote. when they are granted in a public bonds, and were no man is tonight from his office near the because of the presence. >> you can watch more of this speech at a website and our video library. the confide this in our archives. >> the testified that they were telling passengers to go back to their cabins more than hour after the ship ran aground the house transportation subcommittee held a hearing today on cruise ship safety but also include a wi
-- and there may be problems if romney beats obama. if the president decides that this is a state dinner, this is a state dinner. this is not intended as an insult to the queen. obama was bowled over by the reception at the palace and that the queen was exceptionally kind to them. they wanted to say, thank you. this is what they could get to honor the prime minister in that way. >> these are the scenes from last year of the president with the queen in london. is this typical, for the queen to honor a president? >> it was not unusual, but their experience, from what we have seen she was moved to the obama. initially, this was not about the special relationship, this was about the friendship with david cameron. >> with reference to their grandfathers' in world war two -- thank you for waiting. guest: i will respond to the gentleman from london. i think it ws sparked by the closing window of diplomacy. we are at a point in history that is pivotal, and if the keystone pipeline issue -- host: where are we, to daniel's point? guest: i don't know that david cameron would have all lot to say. th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)